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Why NFC ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

NFC Passes are replacements for old school paper and plastic.

Uses of NFC passes

NFC can be used for all sorts of applications. Think of event tickets, flight passes, gift cards, loyalty cards and even door keys! Because NFC passes are updatable, you can send information about flight delays or event cancellations to the pass.

Imagine this use case

A customer books in to a hotel, they arrive at the hotel and tap to check in, leave their bags with the staff to take to their room.

They then head to the rooftop bar where they can tap a terminal for some free welcome drinks. Mid drink they get a notification that their pass was updated.

Now their room number is on their pass, and they can take the lift down where they can tap their phone to open their room door.

The pass could get a push notification to be updated with the latest wifi password or tonight's chef's special. The pass also can contain location data. For example if your phone is within range of a location on the pass, you will receive a push notification like "Hotel guests receive 20% at 'X' clothing stores".

As you can see, NFC passes are versatile and easy to use. We hope that they will be adopted worldwide.

Product Features

Single API for multiple platforms using OpenAPI 3.0

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Offline ready and certified readers for less than $99

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Support legacy readers with host software instead of reader firmware modifications

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Web-based pass previews to add to your apps

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Raspberry Pi friendly Javascript Node SDKs

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AWS Internet of Things integration

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Development Roadmap

Development on NFC Passes is currently paused due to unforeseen circumstances with family. We hope to put our extensive experience with this technology to use ASAP. Till then, we can only say: "watch this space"