Product Features

Multiple Platforms & OpenAPI

Nobody likes half maintained hand crafted libraries, built by dabblers, so we chose to use OpenAPI. Just declare the API once, and idiomatic clients can be generated in each language! You like ruby? Well you can use it, even if we don't care for it!

While Google has its own backend for passes, Apple provides a protocol that one must implement. We've implemented that for you and have worked out the best ways to derive passes from a single data set.


We have partnered with IDTech, makers of fantastic, yet affordable terminals. These are fully certfied by Apple and Google for nfc passes, and can even take EMV payments.

We've implemented Apple VAS and SmartTap ourselves from scratch and know what's involved, so we appreciate the quality.


We realize that in some cases, you maybe have a legacy system, that for whatever reason you aren't ready to upgrade. With our plugin based implementations of SmartTap and Apple Vas as long as your reader can send standard nfc commands, your deployment may last some extra years yet.

We recognize that for many, this could be the difference between deploying passes or not at all, so this is a case we take very seriously.

The best way for terminal manufacturers to sell more terminals is for nfc passes to become ubiquitous. Everybody wins!

Web-based pass previews

We realize not everyone loves the frontend framework we do (Angular :) so we decided to implement our pass preview components using Web Components. With a simple js snippet, and dropping in a <nfc-pass-preview link="$signed-url">, a true to life rendering of passes as they appear on each platform can be added to your web apps.

Raspberry Pi friendly Javascript Node SDKs

If you like your existing Raspberry Pi, you can keep it!

We've done all the work creating a little node daemon that 'Just Works'. Actually, it works on Windows too or any Linux machine.

You can respond to localhost HTTP webhooks from your app. The payload contains whatever arbitrary data the pass is configured to send via nfc. Typically this is an id, which can be used to lookup associated data.


If you use the AWS IoT features, and have connectivity, your scans can also be responded to via your cloud infrastructure.

Logging? Analytics? Whatever floats your boat! Not to mention cloud based management of private keys and which pass to magically select!